Joel C Ma

An artist, a visionary and an entrepreneur, Joel C Ma is one of the top hair sculptors, color specialists, and hair cut artists in San Diego. His persistence, his sheer focus and his passion to keep conversant with hair trends and techniques have earned him hundreds of mesmerized fans, who watch his hands in mirrors as they dance in harmony with scissors. Joel is an exceptional color contour creator. One of his unique attributes is his consistency in crafting flawless hair designs distinctive for each of his clients. Joel’s dream was to own his own hair studio where he can inspire and educate other enthusiasts to bring excellence to their career. Joel’s wife LeAnn, the behind the scenes operations manager, has been by his side every step of the way, turning his dream into reality. The team of two is looking forward to provide brilliance to everyone who walks into the studio either as a client or a member of the Joel C. Ma Hair Studio’s team.     

Meet our creative artists

Gary DeYarman

Master Barber Hairstylist with an exceptional career path. He collaborates with his brother Dr. James DeYarman, a cosmetic surgeon in La Jolla/UTC, as consultant to his patients. Prior to their robotic hair transplants' procedures, he cuts their hair and does follow-up treatments, as needed after the surgeries. Gary is a well-respected stylist in the San Diego business community and to those who appreciate a professional look. Gary has had a solid book of followers for many years. He also partner/owned and managed one of the most popular, trendy hair salons in San Diego for over a decade.  His appreciation for his clients, excellent workmanship and his caring manners are highly valued among his clients and other apprentices in the

Diana Newby

An art lover, Diana was born into a family of creative artists and successful hair stylists. She entered the beauty industry 38 years ago and successfully owned her own hair salon for a number of years.  She is recognized and highly respected as an experienced hair stylist amongst the Joel C Ma hair team. Diana strives for the best in all aspects or her work and expects the results of her styles to complement her clients’ natural features and their facial contours. Her clients appreciate and enjoy her pristine attention and her calm nature. They connect with her personally because she has the innate ability to create a style that matches their lifestyle.  She has always selected the salons where everyone holds a high standard in education with focuses on changing trends. 

Zara Haghighatkhah

A true people-loving individual, who greets her clients with a smile, Zara has the ability to bring life and energy out of everyone she meets. She has been one of the natural talents in highlights, color, and cut. She is an amazing hair designer for special events and weddings. She has dedicated her time since 1990 to her clients in the top hair salons in La Jolla and UTC. Zara has an innate ability to choose and create the right color and style that fits her client’s interests and their lifestyles. She has a great number of professional men and women who have enjoyed her high level of energy and her enthusiasm for her artistic work. 

Sandra Mullay

A charming, skillful and creative hair stylist from Pennsylvania, Sandra moved to Del Mar 19 years ago. “It was not an easy choice to sell a very successful and established business after 17 years and move” she says. However, she soon found out that her talent and passion for her work were also recognized among her professional clients here in UTC. Her undivided attention toward her clients has built her a group of loyal followers every step of the way. With her pleasant and professional manners she supports her clients with the latest knowledge in hair coloring, unique hair cut techniques, understanding products and fashionable styles.

Megan Abrams

Megan has been a stylist for over 15 years. She was born and raised in central Massachusetts and moved to San Diego to become a hairstylist. She has received extensive training in hair color, cutting and styling on both the east coast and the west coast and enjoys attending hair shows to keep her skills fresh and her clients staying modern. Megan is a busy mom of three, so working in the salon is not just a profession for her but is an artistic outlet and a passion. She genuinely cares for each and every one of her clients and prides herself in her hair coloring and highlighting skills.

Erin Fitzgerald

Erin’s experience as a hair-stylist goes back to 2000 when she joined Aveda Institute in Minneapolis for advanced and extensive training. After graduating in 2003, she moved to San Diego to start her career with new perspectives and began assisting Joel C Ma in UTC to become acquainted with Southern California’s lifestyle. Her vibrant and youthful personality attracts clients of all ages, conservative or young and trendy with colorful looks. Her clients enjoy their style when they leave her chair.